The husband/wife team of Sal and Theresa Lupo recently helped sell my dad’s home and I cannot speak more highly of the job they did.

The husband/wife team of Sal and Theresa Lupo recently helped sell my dad’s home and I cannot speak more highly of the job they did. My dad is elderly and was no longer living in the home and I, the primary contact throughout this process, live out of state. Due to this and several other factors, this sale turned out to be anything but routine and straightforward. Throughout the sale process, we were constantly stymied by what seemed to be one issue after another. First, there was an issue with the oil burner which resulted in no heat during a very cold spell. Theresa informed me about the problem and I called in a repairman to resolve it. Needing someone to provide the repairman with access to the home, Theresa volunteered to let him in and stay with him until the repair was complete…on a Sunday, no less! The next challenge involved a number of open and unfiled work permits dating back as far as 60 years. Theresa worked closely with the village and me to help get those closed out, making several trips to Village Hall and even fronting filing fees to help speed the process since I could not be there in person. Next, there was some electrical and handyman work that needed to be done in order to close out some of the open permits. In each case, Theresa provided the service providers with access to the home and stayed with them while they completed their work. When the first electrician provided a quote that seemed excessive, Theresa volunteered to come back on site for another electrician so I could get a second quote! In short, Theresa went well beyond reasonable expectations of a realtor by supervising the work of multiple service providers and providing me with very helpful, real-time updates of their progress, performing considerable leg work in helping close out the permits with the village and doing a fantastic job as the liaison between me, my attorney, the buyer and the buyer’s attorney. Theresa was always on top of everything and extremely proactive during the process which was so appreciated since I could not be there in person. While most of my interaction was with Theresa, Sal was also very involved and helpful in the process. In addition to helping set expectations upfront, he offered his assistance in any way he could, even stopping by the home on a couple occasions to try to resolve some repair issues himself so we could move forward more quickly without having to hire a third party to perform the work. Sal was also instrumental in the negotiation process with multiple bidders and he did a nice job of updating me on the various offers received. Sal and Theresa have considerable experience in the local market and I believe they set an appropriate sales price and ultimately got us a solid offer that we accepted. If you are looking for a realtor to help you buy or sell a home in the New Hyde Park area and you would like to work with individuals that are honest, trustworthy, will look out for YOUR best interests, keep you updated in real-time fashion and are willing to go well above and beyond expectations, all while doing so with a smile and extremely positive attitude throughout, I highly recommend the team of Sal and Theresa Lupo. They were outstanding!

— Bernard Breiter